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30 Popular Tourist Place in Algeria

Popular Tourist Place in Algeria – Algeria is a country in northern Africa that offers beautiful 10th century historic buildings. This country also has beautiful beaches, deserts that are mysterious and captivating to see.

Algeria is also a country with a majority Muslim population, just like several other North African countries, which are adjacent to the Arabian peninsula. Of course this will not be a problem for Muslims in looking for halal food.

There are many interesting and exciting places that you can visit here, even some places are already famous to foreign countries. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Algeria.

Popular Tourist Place In Algeria

1. Monumen Martir

Monumen Martir
This is a concrete monument commemorating the Algerian War. The monument was opened in 1982, for the 20th anniversary of Algeria's independence.

With a height of 92 meters, the shape of this building resembles palm leaves, standing in 3 sections, each of which has a diameter of 10 meters.

In the center of the monument is the Eternal Fire that never dies.

2. Notre Dame d'Afrique Basil Basilica

Notre Dame d'Afrique Basil Basilica
Basilique Notre Dame d'Afrique is a Roman Catholic church in Algiers, Algeria. The History Basilique was inaugurated around 1872, and after fourteen years of construction, the Basilique was founded by Charles Lavigerie.

Basilique Notre Dame d'Afrique is really a pity to miss if you are there, try to take some photo spots as a memories with friends or family.

3. El Hamma Jardin. Botanical Garden

El Hamma Jardin. Botanical Garden
El-Hamma Jardin Botanical Gardens is a 58-hectare botanical garden located in the Mohamed Belouizdad district of Algiers, founded in 1832.

This park is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world, there are more than 1,200 types of plants in this botanical garden that you can see.

Besides being used as a park, this place is also used as a research site by the Algerian National Institute of Agronomy. Strolling and enjoying the views in the green gardens of El-Hamma will make you feel calm and cool.

4. Fortaleza de Santa Cruz

Fortaleza de Santa Cruz
The next popular tourist spot in Algeria is the Fortaleza de Santa Cruz. It is one of the three forts in Oran, the second largest port city in Algeria.

The other two forts are Fort de la Moune at the western end of the harbor and the other is Fort Saint-Philippe.

When you are at the top, you will be presented with a beautiful panorama of the city. Coupled with beach views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

5. Fort beni hammad

Fort beni hammad
Fort Beni Hammad, or by another name Al Qal'a from Beni Hammad is part of the palatine city which is now a historical site as well as ruins that you can visit.

This place is also often an archaeological site which is the first capital city since the Hammadid dynasty.

When you visit, you will be presented with vast natural scenery, hills that go up and down, ruins of historic buildings and views of green grass.

6. Bardo National Museum 

Bardo National Museum
This is the famous National Museum in Algeria. This place is popular among some lovers of museum tours, especially for lovers of historical relics.

The museum has a beautiful tiled building and there are many art exhibits shared here. The museum also has important collections of past civilizations brought from various regions of Algeria, such as the Ain Hanash site in Setif, the Tagnif in Mascara, the Aatri site in Tebessa, and from Tassli and Haqar.

The best time to visit is 09.00 – 16.30

7. Ketchaoua Mosque

Ketchaoua Mosque
The Ketchaoua Mosque is a mosque located in the city of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. This mosque was built during Ottoman rule in the 17th century and is located at the foot of the Casbah, this place has also been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The architecture of the building is very unique and extraordinary, when entering it seems to be enveloped in a feeling of peace and coolness. Do not miss this one place if you are visiting the city of Algiers.

24 hours visit

8. Palais des Rais

Palais des Rais or also known as Bastion 23, is a historical monument located in the city of Algiers, Algeria. This place is famous for its charming and natural architecture.

This building is a well-preserved heritage in the capital city. I can recommend this one place for you to visit while on vacation or traveling.

Opening hours 08.00 – 17.00

9. Djurdjura


The Djurdjura Mountains or Jurjura is a Tell Atlas mountain range located in the city of Kabylie, Algeria.

This place is famous by various groups, ranging from foreign tourists to local tourists. What's in there? The Djurdjura Mountains have stunning views, vast expanses, green grass and hills.

In the hills there is also white snow, and can be one of the best places for snowboarding.

10. Fine Arts Museum Algeria

Fine Arts Museum Algeria
The Algiers Museum of Fine Arts is an art exhibition museum located in the city of Algiers, Algeria.

This museum is amazing and of course full of works of art. There are some of the world's best collections of paintings located here. So if you want to visit immediately prepare yourself to take pictures.

Visiting time 09.00 – 18.00

11. Great Mosque of Algiers 

Great Mosque of Algiers
The Grand Mosque of Algiers is the largest mosque in Africa, replacing the Hassan II Mosque in Morocco, and the third largest mosque in the world after the Great Mosque of Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque of Medina in Saudi Arabia. 

In addition, this mosque also has the tallest minaret in Africa, located in urban areas and close to shopping centers.

Stop by for a moment to see the architecture of this magnificent building.

Opening hours 24 hours

12. Mausoleum of the Kingdom of Mauretania

Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania
Source photo
The Mausoleum of the Kingdom of Mauretania is a place as well as a burial monument located on the Cherchell and Algiers roads, Tipaza Province, Algeria.

This is the tomb where the Berber Numidian King Juba II and Queen Cleopatra Selene II, rulers of Numidia and Mauretania Caesariensis, reside.

This place is quite famous among tourists, because it is a historic tomb and is still being preserved.

Visiting time 09.00 – 17.00

13. Tikjda

Source photo
Tikjda is a ski resort located in the mountains called Djurdjura, northern Algeria, at an altitude of about 1,600 meters in the province of Bou Provincera.

This place offers extraordinary scenic beauty, ranging from mountains, lakes, chalets, and ski resorts.

Great views and lots of places to climb some of the caves. If you want natural serenity, then I can recommend this one place for you.

Good visiting time 08.30 – 18.00

14. Assekrem

Source photo
Assekrem is a high mountain in Hoggar in southern Algeria, rising from the Atakor plateau, Assekrem is located within the Ahaggar National Park. With a plain height of about 2,726 meters.

Assekrem is a famous tourist spot and is often visited by tourists. Charles de Foucauld was the man who founded the hermitage in 1911.

With a wide expanse of hills and ups and downs, you will be amazed by Assekrem.

15. Djurdjura National Park

Djurdjura National Park
Djurdjura National Park is one of Algeria's national parks located in Kabylie and named after Djurdjura Range of Tell Atlas.

This is one of the best national parks in Algeria. Both winter and summer have their own beauty and are sure to put a big smile on your face. In addition, this place also has many sources of cold running water.

16. National Museum of Antiquities

National Museum of Antiquities and ancient Islamic art
This is a famous antiquities museum in Algeria. This one place holds a lot of historical art, Islamic art, ancient history, and other sculptures.

Very interesting museum particularly the Roman section, at the same time a nice place to visit for those interested in the country's history.

Visiting time 09.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 16.30

17. Maison de parc national de gouraya

Maison de parc national de gouraya is a place that offers an atmosphere of gardens, mountains, flowing water and beautiful nature.

This location is also included as a coastal national park of Algeria, located in the Province of Béjaïa, near the temple of Sidi Touati.

The natural scenery is very beautiful and overlooking the sea, will make you feel at home for long in this place.

18. Sidi M'Cid 

Sidi M'Cid . suspension bridge

The Sidi M'Cid Suspended Bridge is a 164 m suspension bridge that crosses the Rhumel River in Konstantin, Algeria. At the same time the highest bridge in the city of Constantine and the highest in Africa.

Of course, you can visit this place at any time. If you cross on a clear day, beautiful scenery is all around you. So try to take spot photos for keepsake.

Visiting hours 24 hours

19. Prince Abdel Kader Mosque

Prince Abdelkader Mosque
Prince Abdel Kader Mosque is a mosque built in the city of Constantine, Algeria in 1994.

This is a beautiful and majestic Mosque, and including one of the largest in Algeria, has two minarets with a height of 107m each.

This mosque is also an excellent place for you to visit if you want to learn about the culture.

20. Algiers Museum of Modern Art

Algiers Museum of Modern Art

Algiers Museum of Modern Art is an art museum located in the city of Algiers, which was inaugurated in 2007 ago. There are many art and history exhibits that you can see.

When visiting you will be presented with some beautiful buildings and architecture. Do not miss this one place if you are in the city of Algiers.

21. Tadrart Rouge

Ruĝa Tadrart

Tadrart Rouge is a mountain range in southeastern Algeria, part of the Algerian Desert. This place has a variety of natural arts, vast expanses of sand, and rocky hills that will make you feel at home and feel at home for long.

Tadrart Rouge is also known by other names, namely South Tadrart or Algerian Tadrart or Meridional Tadrart.

Interested in visiting Tadrart Rouge?

22. Ahmad Zabana National Museum

Ahmed Zabana National Museum

Ahmed Zabana National Museum is a museum located in Oran, Algeria, and named after the Algerian national hero Ahmed Zabana who was executed by the French on May 19, 1956, in Algiers.

This is a history museum, if you are someone who loves stories of the past, try visiting the Algerian Ahmed Zabana National Museum.

Visiting time 09.00 – 16.30

23. Cap Carbon

The next popular tourist spot in Algaria is Cap Carbon. Cap Carbon is a place that offers natural beauty, cliffs and the vastness of the sea.

There are several interesting spots that you can visit, whether it's just to see the lighthouse, Makaka, take a walk or just enjoy the beautiful expanse of nature.

Cap Carbon is a well-known place, both local and foreign tourists are familiar with this beautiful place.

24. Chrea National Park

Chrea National Park
Source photo
Chrea National Park is one of the largest national parks in Algeria. Located in the Province of Blida, named after Chréa.

This is a national park that is already famous for its natural beauty in it, ranging from trees, flowers and several other plants. You'll soon find beautiful views when strolling the area around Chrea National Park.

This one park is open to the public and can come at any time if you want.

24 hour visit

25. Mount Tahat 

Mount Tahat
Source photo
Mount Tahat is the highest mountain in Algeria, with a height of about 2,908 meters. However, other sources say that this mountain has a height of 3,003 meters.

Tahat is also the highest peak in the Hoggar Mountains, and borders the town of Tamanrasset which is 56 km to the south.

When visiting you will be faced with beautiful views with a vast expanse of mountainous areas as far as the eye can see.

26. Ghoufi


Ghoufi, also known as Rhoufi, Ghoufi Balcony and Ghoufi Gorge, is a historic site in the village of T'kout in the Batna Region, Algeria.

This is a very nice place to visit except on weekends. Due to some holidays this place has too many people.

But I can recommend Ghoufi to you because this place is very beautiful.

27. Theniet El Had, National Parks

Théniet El Had National Park is one of 10 Algerian national parks that you can visit for a weekend getaway.

Theniet El Had National Park offers the beauty of forests, trees, and unspoiled nature. It is suitable for those of you who like the color green leaves.

There are many things you can do here, from relaxing walks, climbing hills, exercising, or simply enjoying nature.

28. Pic des Singes  

Pic des Singes

Source photo
Pic des Singes is a peak in northern Algeria, northwest of the city of Béjaïa. Located in the Cap Carbon area of the Tell Atlas range and on the Mediterranean coast.

This is a beautiful and charming place, perfect for those of you who like adventure in the outdoors.

If you are lucky you will find some monkeys there but please be careful because sometimes they steal food.

29. Babor Mountains 

Babor Mountains

Source photo
The Babor Mountains are part of the Tell Atlas mountains in Algeria. The highest peak of this mountain is about 2,004 m. The Babor Range, along with the Bibans, is part of the Petite Kabylie mountain region.

Babor Mountains is a place that offers tranquility, beautiful panoramas and unspoiled nature.

Some tourists also often visit Babor Mountains on weekends to pass the time.

30. Tala N Yilef  

Tala N Yilef
Source photo
Tala N Yilef is a place that is included in the Algerian national park area, which offers panoramic views of nature, mountains and dense forests.

These are four excellent for recreation and take the opportunity to spend the day in the mountains between the forest and snow at an altitude that exceeds 1500 meters.

When you first walk around, you will be presented with views of dense oak and pine trees.

So, those are some of the popular tourist place in Algeria that you can visit. Read on to find out more about the specifics of the place.

Hopefully this can help you in finding a vacation spot. Sorry if there are spellings that are not correct.