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Roman Hot Springs in Algeria (2000 Years)

Hammam Essalihine

Hot Springs in Algeria

Algeria - One of the baths that is open to the public is about 2000 years old, to be precise it has been around since Roman times. And the great thing about this bath is that it can still be used, even many local residents in the city of Khenchela, Algeria who use it for bathing or swimming.

Most of the baths that have existed for a long time must be preserved, this is because the ancient impression of the place is a characteristic and must be maintained so that it is still clearly visible in the architecture.

Algeria at least has many natural hot springs or fountains that have been around for thousands of years. And one of the most famous is the hot springs of Hammam Essalihine or Flavius.

It is also part of a tourist spot as well as therapy located in the middle of mountains and forests. It is more precisely located in the enchanting Aures Mountains in the "El Hamma" district, about 7 km from Khenchela (name of the province).

The baths in Khnchela have at least been repaired and renovated several times, this is because they were reportedly damaged by an earthquake in the 14th century.

The Ottoman workers worked together to repair this bath using a series of bricks when after the earthquake disaster was over, the changes were even quite significant, because there were several new additions such as changing room doors and several rooms.

Hammam Essalhine Spa is widely visited for its therapeutic benefits of water. The water contained in this bath is very pure from nature and of course very rich in mineral resources.

The water temperature reaches 70°C, the chemical composition of the water is able to provide therapeutic properties. It is also believed to help with rheumatic, respiratory, and dermatological problems.

Not only treating several ailments, this bathhouse also offers several treatments and rejuvenation such as relaxation, massage and functional rehabilitation equipment. Other services include hydrotherapy and physiotherapeutic sessions.

In this spa bath there are also two main pools, one of which is a rectangular pool and a circular pool. The two are distinguished because one is for men and one is for women.

With a pool diameter of about eight meters and a water depth of 1.45 m, there are also 44 thermal cabins.

Not only known as a historical tourist spot, this place has its own charm because it has been fennel for a long time and you can come to relax your body.

Some of the existing traditional public facilities have long been used as part of characteristics such as daily bathing. Many local residents can use this hot spring for free to clean themselves.

The bathhouse is also a place to gather and discuss important matters, especially if you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

This is one of the hot springs in Algeria which is famous for the history and healing benefits of the water.

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