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Tips for Managing Donations on Twitch

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Twitch - Bits can be said to be a form of sound, which is the official donation system launched by Twitch. I think this is a bit more complicated than sending money directly to streamers who rely on the button feature, other than that they are also only available to affiliate members and some Twitch partners.

Bits are really just another form of digital currency, which of course can be purchased directly from Twitch. Just like you exchange real world money for digital money, and it's done through Amazon Payments.

You can use these coins or bit points later in the chat field of a Twitch stream, it can also trigger audio alerts and custom alerts on your monitor screen.

This can be said to be a form of appreciation because you use their bits, users will usually get a special sign or badge displayed next to their name between chats.

The more you keep using their bits, the higher the level or rank badge you will get of course.

Typically a Twitch Streamer will earn $1 in every 100 bits (1 cent per bit) they spend during a stream.

1. Twitch will automatically activate Cheering alerts for all new members and affiliates.

You can see the settings for Cheering in the Dashboard > Partner Settings > Bits and Cheering section.

2. Viewers can now spend their coins on your channel by typing cheers and entering the number of coins they want to give away.

An example would be cheer5, you would need five bits, whereas cheer1000 would require 1,000. And so on according to the cheer icon listed.

PayPal to Twitch

Don't worry, there is an easiest way to receive or get donations on Twitch, one of which is by using PayPal. Streamers can ask viewers to make donations or money directly by using the email address attached to the streamer's PayPal.

This method can also be said to be easier by creating a link, this can also make it easier for all viewers with an interface that is simpler and easier to understand.

Here are some ways to use your address to receive donations on Twitch:

  1. Write down the full address, you can write it down verbally while streaming is in progress.
  2. Next post your link in the chat section of the channel. This not only grabs the attention of the audience, but also makes it easy to click on links from within the chat chat box.
  3. Alternatively, you can add a donation section to your Twitch Channel page, go to your members panel then click the Edit button, then click the giant + symbol. 
  4. Continue with the contents of the description field and panel title, then add your link or a link to the description field. It's also a good idea to include a short message, be it support or clarification.

Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

There are many cryptocurrency users, besides that there are also many digital currencies in the form of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in cryptocurrencies that you can use to send and receive funds online.

Because the system is fast, secure, and transaction fees are much cheaper. Receiving payments to your cryptocurrency wallet will be as easy as sharing your address with several other users.

Here's how to connect cryptocurrencies to Twitch :

  1. Log in to your cryptocurrency wallet app. Examples such as Bitpay, one of the cryptocurrency wallet applications for new users and widely used.
  2. Click the button or look for the Accept link. If not then you are not observant, because every wallet has this option.
  3. Once you get the wallet address, you'll see a series of numbers and letters that look jumbled. This is actually the address of your cryptocurrency wallet. Then copy the address.
  4. Continue by creating a donation section in the profile section of your Twitch account as I described in the Paypal section earlier.
  5. Paste a copy of your current cryptocurrency wallet address into the Description field, or a specific dashboard. After that, make sure you mention the type of cryptocurrency you are using. So that later users can send according to the same cryptocurrency currency. Because users will not be able to send Eth to LiteC or vice versa.
In the receive section of your wallet app, simply take a screenshot of the QR code. This code will be an easier version of a long random cryptocurrency wallet address.

Viewers can easily scan your wallet to send some money and digital forms. You can also provide the saved image of the QR code to your Twitch profile for signature.

But still don't forget to mention what currency you use for QR code wallet address. That way, you should now be able to receive bitcoins using Bitpay from your viewers.

Twitch Donation Service Form

Twitch streamer users can directly connect from their respective accounts to various third-party services, provided they enable additional features such as donations and other forms of notifications.

There are also some popular services like Stream Elements, Gaming For Good, StreamLabs and Muxy. Each of these services can create a unique donation page for your channel on its own server.

Here are some steps in setting up a donation page on StreamLabs, this service has the most complete features and can be used by users easily, even for beginners.

Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Go to your StreamLabs Dashboard, then look for donation settings and click on it.
  2. Click the PayPal icon to connect a PayPal wallet account to StreamLabs, so viewers can put the donation amount directly into your PayPal account from the donation page.
  3. You can also provide a number of other payment settings on this page, such as Unitpay and Skrill, but PayPal should be the primary way to do this because users will definitely use Paypal's services more than others.
  4. Next from the donation settings section, select the currency and limit in giving donations, specify the minimum and maximum limits. You can set the prize amount up to 5 dollars.
  5. Then look for the Save icon in the settings section or at the bottom of the page.
  6. Then the settings page will display the address that is on your donation page. It should look something like
  7. The next step is to simply copy the address and add it to the description field on your Twitch page.
  8. That way, your viewers will be able to easily make some donations.

Should I create a donation link on Twitch?

Opening a donation and/or donation box on a personal Twitter page is common for streamers, and there are even viewers who like it for reasons of being a fan.

Donations can be considered as a form of giving a small amount of money. However, when you have more followers and become a Twitch affiliate or partner then it is important to know about the subscription guidelines on Twitch.

Creating a subscription on Twitch can be effective, especially when it comes to generating donations, because you can get a lot more out of it.

Taxable Twitch?

Of course definitely. Even though it's called a donation or gift from a viewer to a streamer, this money can be considered legitimate income, so you should at least file a tax return. 

This depends on the site you are using as a form of donation.

How to Prevent Chargebacks from Donations

Utilizing PayPal's services can be an easy and convenient, and reliable way to receive donations, but it also has one major drawback.

One of them is sometimes used by scammers. This usually happens when someone pays online using PayPal, then complains to the company that they never got the goods or services they were entitled to.

When this happens, PayPal often returns the buyer's money in full.

However, for streamers, a number of reports of increased activity of scammers and trolls from the internet donated a sum of money to the Twitch channel asking for everything to be returned the following month.

You can't protect yourself from these types of scams like 100% when using PayPal, which is why many streamers prefer to use bits.

How to Increase Donations?

Most viewers on Twitch are so happy to support their favorite streamer, sometimes they don't think twice before donating.

For that, here are some easy ways that you can do to increase your audience in donating without having to look pushy or the like.

  1. Give small words like thank you to your donor verbally during the stream.
  2. Provide a Recent Donors widget or notification feature that displays the last number of donor names in the Twitch section of your monitor screen.
  3. We recommend that you use the StreamLabs service and the OBS Studio program to do this, as you will look like a pro.
  4. Make a donation list on your Twitch profile page. Some streamers also frequently list their top five donation names, which can increase competition among viewers.
  5. Create a goal. Viewers will definitely be more inclined to donate if they know what their money is being used for.
  6. Do live broadcasts regularly. As your activities and routines improve with your audience, you will surely reach a wider audience and more donations will come in

Those are Tips for Managing Donations on Twitch.

Make this article one of your references or just a short reading.